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Frogs generally jump or hop to get about. 'Rocket Frogs' are so called because how fast and far they can jump. The Black-Spotyed tree Frog (Hyla nigromaculata) is only 1.2 inches ling, but can jump a staggering 5 feet! But other frogs know as Walking Frogs, get aroung only by walking slowly. And Narrow-mouthed Toads (Breviceps sp.) creap and crawl to their destinations.

Frogs and Toads have only five to ten vertebrae and almost no neck. Their front and back are fused together and also two bones in their ankles. This helps them leap as it reduces the stress on the bones. To compensate for their little neck movement most frogs have developed large eyes, giving them almost 360' vision.

Hands and Feet

Frogs and toads have four fingers (front limb digits) and five toes (hind limb digits). Some aquatic species have webbing between digits to aid swimming. And the Flying Frog (Rhacophorus) can actualy glide from tree to tree with its modified webbing.

Two species have opposable thumbs. And African Clawed Frogs and the Burrowing toads both have thickened covering or keratinized finger tips resembling Nails (or claws).

Flying Frog