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Frogs and toads have a 'lycra' type skin that protects them from from injury and disease. It comes in wonderful variations of colour and patterns.

Frog skin is water permiable, this means it can let water in and out. Frogs don't often drink with their mouths, they absorb water through their skin. They have a 'seat pouch', an area on their bellies which is designed for water absorbtion. They absorb through capillary action from water or a moist surface.

In many species glands are modified to produce toxins and other substances that will repel predators. Some frog skin toxins are being researched as potential pain medications.

Frogs have a huge variety of skin colous and patterns. Colours can help warn preditors that the frog may be poisonous. And many frogs change the colour of thier skin to change their heat absorbtion rate so controling their temperature. Also water and other secretions help sustain temperature.


Patterned skin can help camoflage the frog, so it sinks into the background, out of thesite of peditors.

All frogs regularly shed their skin, most eat the shed skin for nutrition and water.

In dry environments, some frog have been known to retain their skin as a cocoon to keep in water.