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Frogs are ectotherms, this means they get their heat from external sources. They are sometimes called 'cold blooded', but in fact they do not have cold blood, it is just regulated by their environment. In comparison, humans are endotherms and can maintain their body temperature at about 37C.

Frogs can control their temperature with their bodies, for example by changing their color to affect how much solar radiation (heat from the sun) they recieve, or absorbing or evaporating water through their skin.

As the temperature changes at different times of day and night, they move around in their environment to regulate their body heat. Going into the shade or water to cool and basking in the sun to warm up.

Temperature affects rate of growth, digestion and most bodily processes, heat increasing the rate of growth and cold slowing it. Tadpoles and developing frogs are more susceptable to temperature than adults.

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