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Families of order anura


African Foam-nest frog, Chiromantis
Golden Coqui Frog, Eleutherodactylus jasperi

Goliath Frog, Conraua goliath
Green Poison-Arrow Frog, Dendrobates auratus
Poison dart frogs, Phyllobates and Dendrobates
Water-holding frog, Cyclorana platycephala
Wood Frog, Rana sylvatica



African live-bearing toads, Nectophrynoides occidentails?-
Andaean Toad, Bufo spinulosus-
Cuban Tree Toad, Eleutherodactylus limbatus-
Mountain Vivoiparous Toad, nectophynoides occidentails?-
Yosemite Toad, Bufo cenorus-

Water Helmeted Toad, Caudiverbera caudiverbera


This will grow (a lot). and each frog link will be a page with name, scientific name, pic, and details facts