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Frogs and toads mainly live animals such as eat small insects. They are a very important part of the worlds eco-system. They are the vital link in the food change between insects and other predators.

Tadpoles mostly eat plants but are not solely vegetation feeders. Many are vegetarian in the early stages but become more carnivorous towards theend of this cycle. Bufo nebulifer tadpoles have been known to consume a full earthworm in about an hour.

The African bullfrog, horned frog, and budgetts frog tadpoles are all highly cannibalistic, voracious enough to overtake weaker or smaller siblings

The frog can fit in alot in to fis mouth and can have a huge appitite. There tongue is folded in floor of mouth, attached lower jaw rather than back, for max range. The top of the tongue is sticky and it flips it's tongue at its target. the prey sticks and then pulled into the mouth. This is a very fast action lasting milliseconds. the frog will then contract eye muscles to help swallowing.

Many frogs basicly sit and wait for prey. Sitting camoflaged in a hiding spot and wait to ambush when food is in range.

Some frogs will lure their prey closer. The ornate horned frog (ceratophrys ornata) lift to the back legs above ther backs so the yellow feet are shown. "wiggling" their feet attracts prey closer (even other small Ceratophrys).

Frogs will eat anything that fitin there mouths. eat small mammels, some frogs will even eat plants and berries.

The Burrowing Toads (rhinophrynus dorsalis) will hunt down termite nests from the trails for a tasty meal.